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Here are some testimonials from our customers:

We make our living growing vegetables.  We can't afford to have even one deer in our garden!  After trying numerous other fences that didn't work, we found Deer Control Fence sold by Fickle Hill Fence & Supply.  It is affordable, easy to put up, and best of all we don't have a problem with the herds of hungry deer out in our 4 acre commercial garden.

R.R. Farm from Bayside, CA

We live on Vashon Island, where the deer run roughshod over gardens, sometimes eating them bare in a single night.  Our crops were decimated by these “hoofed locusts.”   As a zoo designer and landscape architect, I wanted a fence that would be light, inconspicuous, and easy to install.  We gave your product a try. We had zero damage to our vegetable and fruit crops last year!  Even the raccoons stayed away.  We have received a lot of compliments on the fence from our friends and neighbors.

D.D. from Vashon Island, WA

This fencing is really terrific.  I've tried electric fencing, but it didn't keep the fawns out, and wire is unsightly.  Deer Control Fence is easy to install and keeps all the critters out when installed properly.  It's also one of the most attractive fencing choices.  The folks at Fickle Hill Fence are as great as their product.  They're friendly and knowledgeable and ship orders the same or next day!  I couldn't be more pleased all around!  Thanks for a great product and great service!

L.M. from Deer Park, WA

I wanted to drop you a note on how pleased I am with the Deer Control Fence that I purchased from your company.  I have a small 3 acre chardonnay and merlot vineyard in south central Washington.  It is a semi-arid area that is home to hundreds of deer.  Just as I was contemplating getting out of the wine grape business and into the “grape fed venison” business, I learned of your product.  My dad and I built the Deer Control Fence around the entire perimeter of the vineyard.  We used 10 foot metal posts that we sunk in two feet deep with a compressor. The posts were spaced approximately 15 feet apart.  We then strung a cable along the top and bottom of the posts and attached the deer fence.  The cable along the bottom prevents deer from crawling under the fence.  The top cable keeps the fence taut as there is considerable amount of wind in our area.  We also tied flagging tape to the deer fence in between posts as a visual deterrent to the deer.  I am pleased to note that my harvest was 10 times the amount of the two previous years.  We had no deer problem, and we were able to allow the grapes to reach ripeness.

C.C. from Bickleton, WA