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It is a polypropylene plastic mesh barrier that contains a UV light stabilizer to protect it from sun damage. The fence is black which allows it to blend in with landscaping or natural surroundings and will not detract from the appearance of your customer s property. It is easy to install, will not rust, has excellent tensile strength, and will last for many years.

DEER CONTROL FENCE is available in 3 grades and 2 heights:

·         STANDARD 7.5'

·         HEAVY DUTY 7.5' (25% stronger than STANDARD)

·         SUPER 8' (50% stronger than STANDARD)

STANDARD DEER CONTROL FENCE works great for many installation needs. This fence is a very cost effective deer fence. For customers that want a fence with greater tensile strength, HEAVY DUTY PERIMETER FENCE is available. Its breakage strength is 25% stronger than STANDARD DEER CONTROL FENCE. For customers that want the ultimate deer fence SUPER 8 FENCE is now an option. This fence is 8 feet in height and has a breakage strength 50% stronger than STANDARD DEER CONTROL FENCE. All 3 deer fences have the same appearance when installed.

What roll sizes and mesh sizes are available?

 Standard   7.5' x 100'  2" x 2"  Black  25  600 lbs/ft.
 Standard   7.5' x 330'  2" x 2"  Black  50  600 lbs/ft.
 Heavy Duty   7.5' x 164'  2" x 2"  Black  40  700 lbs/ft.
 Super 8'   8' x 100'  2" x 2"  Black  30  900 lbs/ft.
 Super 8'   8' x 100'  2" x 2"  Black  60  900 lbs/ft.

Are there any volume discounts?


3-4 rolls 5%
5-9 rolls 10%
 10+ rolls   CALL


In order for DEER CONTROL FENCE to be an effective barrier, it is essential that DEER CONTROL FENCE completely surround the area that needs protection. Any area not fenced is a potential entry site for the deer. Deer can easily jump over standard 6 ft. metal orchard fence. Since DEER CONTROL FENCE is taller it is more effective in keeping deer out.

How long will DEER CONTROL FENCE last?

DEER CONTROL FENCE should provide your customers with many years of protection. Sun damage is minimized by the addition of a UV light stabilizer to the polypropylene plastic fence. STANDARD DEER CONTROL FENCE has been used successfully for over 20 years on the East Coast which has a four season climate. The manufacturer does not provide a specific guarantee on the life expectancy of DEER CONTROL FENCE because conditions vary in which the fence is installed. However, the estimated minimum life expectancy is 12-15 years. How does DEER CONTROL FENCE compare to metal orchard fence?

Most metal orchard fences are only 6 ft. tall. Metal fences are extremely labor intensive to install. At least two people are needed to install metal fence and a fence stretcher is needed to pull the metal fence tight. Metal fences are heavy, can cut you, and will eventually rust away.

DEER CONTROL FENCE is made out of polypropylene plastic, cuts easily with scissors or tin snips, can be installed by one person, and only needs to be hand tight between posts. It stands 7.5/8 ft. tall and will not rust.

How do you install DEER CONTROL FENCE?

DEER FENCE is flexible and easy to install. It can be cut with scissors or tin snips. The fence can be attached to posts or trees. Posts that can be used include black coated tubular steel fence posts, black powder coated angle steel posts, steel T-posts, steel rebar (5/8" diameter or greater), or wood posts. The tubular steel and angle steel posts are available from our company. The other posts are usually available at building supply stores. Posts should be 10 feet in length and placed approximately 2 feet into the ground. The distance between the posts and/or trees should be approximately 10-12 feet for STANDARD DEER CONTROL FENCE and 10-15 feet for HEAVY DUTY PERIMETER FENCE and SUPER 8 FENCE.

Corner post kits and end post kits are available. These kits include black coated tubular steel fence posts and braces. Braces are used because corner posts and end posts are usually under increased tension when the deer fence is pulled tight.

How do you put metal posts in the ground?

For tubular steel fence posts galvanized steel ground sleeves are first driven into the ground using a metal drive cap. Then the tubular steel fence posts are inserted into the ground sleeves. Angle steel fence posts and other metal fence posts (steel T-posts and steel rebar) are driven into the ground with a post driver and do not require ground sleeves. Tubular steel fence posts, angle steel fence posts, galvanized steel ground sleeves, and metal drive caps are available from our company.

How is DEER CONTROL FENCE attached to posts?

7 and 11 long self-locking polypropylene ties (so-called zip ties) are available to secure DEER CONTROL FENCE to the steel posts. Both are available from our company. 11 ties are used to secure DEER CONTROL FENCE to the tubular steel fence posts. 7 ties are used with the other steel posts. We recommend using 6 ties per post. The ties contain a UV light stabilizer to protect them from sun damage. If wood posts are used, then we recommend using 3/4" fence staples to attach DEER CONTROL FENCE to the wood post. Place the fence staple diagonally at the intersection of the vertical and horizontal strand of the fence for the most secure attachment.

How is DEER CONTROL FENCE attached to the trees?

We recommend that you use 1" wide green plastic tie tape. Simply wrap the tape around the tree and then secure the fence to the tree. Fence staples are not recommended to attach the fence to the tree because the staple will eventually be absorbed into the bark as the tree grows. Another option is to attach the fence to a 2 x 4 board with fence staples and then use straight nails to attach the board to the tree.

Can DEER CONTROL FENCE be installed on uneven terrain?

Simply take the extra fence material that is created as you progress up or down the hill, fold it over, and attach it directly to the post with the polypropylene ties.

How do you insert a post on a hillside?

If you are unable to drive the steel post into the ground with the post driver here are several suggested options:

1. With tubular steel fence posts and angle steel fence posts simply drive the galvanized steel ground sleeve into the ground with a metal drive cap and insert the fence post into the ground sleeve.

2. A 5 ft. high T-post or piece of rebar could be driven into the ground. Since the angle steel fence post has holes on one side, this post could then be attached to the shorter post that is in the ground.

3. With rebar posts try Electrical Metallic Tubing (EMT) which is available at most building supply and hardware stores. EMT comes in 10 foot lengths with 1/2 and 3/4" diameter EMT most useful for this project. 1/2" EMT will accommodate 1/2" rebar and 3/4" EMT will accommodate 5/8" or 3/4" rebar. Use a hacksaw to cut the EMT into a 2.5 ft. length. Next, use a hammer or vice to flatten approximately 1" of the EMT at one end. Now you have an EMT ground sleeve. With the flattened end of the ground sleeve going into the ground, drive the ground sleeve approximately 1.5 to 2 ft. into the ground. Use a small block of wood to protect the end of the ground sleeve that you strike with the hammer. If the end of the ground sleeve is damaged, use a hacksaw to cut off the damaged end. Select the diameter of rebar appropriate for the ground sleeve. Insert a 9-10 ft. length of rebar into the ground sleeve.

4. Drive a 5 ft. high T-post into the ground and then attach an 8 ft. length of rebar to the T-post.

5. Drive a 5 ft. length of rebar into the ground and then slip an 8 ft. length of pipe over the rebar. The pipe is now used as the post for attaching the fence.

What can you do if you do not like the appearance of rebar?

Rebar can be spray painted any color. Also, black utility polypipe can be slid over the rebar. It comes in 1/2" and 3/4" diameter and is available in the plumbing department at hardware stores.

What if you need a gate?

Our company sells access gates and driveway gates. Access gates are used to allow entry into enclosed areas. Driveway gates also allow entry into enclosed areas where the deer fence crosses a driveway. Both gates are made with black coated steel posts, are easy to assemble, and blend in with the deer fence. Access gate kit includes gate, hinges, latches, and frame. Driveway gate kit includes gate, hinges, latches, and posts. Each kit includes a section of deer fence for attaching to the gate.

Can a gate be made using the DEER CONTROL FENCE?

Simply put two posts into the ground that span the opening of the gate. Attach DEER CONTROL FENCE in a continuous manner the same as it is attached to all the other posts. Use scissors to cut the fence adjacent to one of the gate posts. Attach the free end of the fence to a piece of wood or sandwich the free end of the fence between two pieces of wood and nail or screw the two pieces of wood together. Screw into the side of the wood a screw eye. Attach a bolt snap to the adjacent post. The bolt snap secured to the eye screw will keep the gate closed. To open the gate release the bolt snap with the other gate post acting as the hinge. Two bolt snaps can be used, one half way up and the other approximately 18" above the ground to prevent animals from pushing through the gate.

This simple inexpensive gate can cover any span and even be used as a gate across a driveway. Remember, in order for DEER CONTROL FENCE to work it is essential that the area is fenced completely. Any area not fenced is a potential entry site for the deer. How do you prevent the deer from accidentally running into DEER CONTROL FENCE?

White flagging tape is included with each order and is used to warn the deer of the newly installed fence. Simply cut 12" lengths of the white flagging tape and attach it to the deer fence between posts at a height of 4 feet for 1-2 months.

How do you prevent deer from pushing underneath DEER CONTROL FENCE?

Here are 2 suggested options:

1. Galvanized aluminum ground stakes or J-hooked steel rebar ground stakes are available for securing the fence to the ground between fence posts. The aluminum stakes are used for most applications. The rebar stakes are used in rocky or hard soil conditions.

2. 12.5 gauge black plastic wire is available and can be attached to the bottom of the posts and base of the fence. This plastic wire is made out of UV protected polyester plastic. Gripple wire joiners/tensioners and Gripple Tensioning Tool are also available for joining and tensioning the plastic wire. The plastic wire needs to be attached to stable end posts because of the tension in the wire.

Do you need to support the top of DEER CONTROL FENCE?

This is usually not necessary if you space your posts every 10-12 feet for STANDARD DEER CONTROL FENCE and every 10-15 feet for HEAVY DUTY PERIMETER FENCE and SUPER 8 FENCE. However, if you desire to support the top of the fence, the same technique using 12.5 gauge black plastic wire as discussed in #2 above can be used. For added protection black plastic wire can also be attached at the middle of the fence.

How do you attach the black plastic wire to DEER CONTROL FENCE?

A Hog Ringer Tool is available that uses 9/16 hog rings to attach the black plastic wire to DEER CONTROL FENCE. The Tool takes a small piece of metal and squeezes it into a ring that can attach the plastic wire to the fence.

What do you do if DEER CONTROL FENCE is damaged?

It is easy to repair using polypropylene ties or black electrical tape on small tears. If there are areas of larger damage, then the section between posts can be replaced.

Can the deer fence be used to keep other animals out like rabbits, bears, raccoons, dogs, cats, goats, elk, horses, etc.?

DEER CONTROL FENCE is recommended only for keeping deer out of protected areas. It may work for other animals.

How do you keep small animals out of protected areas?

For small animals that may chew on the deer fence we offer 3 or 4 ft. high Small Animal Control Hex Fence. This fence looks like chicken wire but it has a black vinyl coating that protects it from exposure to moisture to minimize rusting. Because it is black it blends in with DEER CONTROL FENCE. Small Animal Control Hex Fence placed at the base of the deer fence (1 ft. of hex fence on the ground outside DEER CONTROL FENCE and 2 or 3 ft. in the vertical direction) is very effective in keeping small animals out of protected areas.

Is there any sales tax?

Only if it is being shipped to a California address.

How do you deliver?

The fence is usually shipped by FedEx Ground. Large orders are shipped by
common carrier.

What form of payment is accepted?

Visa/Mastercard, COD, money order, cashier's check.

How do I obtain additional information?

To obtain a brochure and free sample of STANDARD DEER CONTROL FENCE or HEAVY DUTY PERIMETER FENCE, please go to our GUEST INFORMATION PAGE and complete the form. This information is not provided to any outside companies.

What should you do if you still have questions?

Give us a call toll free at 888-633-3623.
Send an e-mail to