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Fickle Hill Fence and Supply
Phone: (888) 633-3623
Fax: (707) 822-0403
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FICKLE HILL FENCE & SUPPLY has been selling plastic fence products since 1994. We have successfully met the needs of both residential and commercial customers over the years.

Our #1 selling fence product is DEER CONTROL FENCE. We also offer other fence products through our web site. If the fence products displayed on our web site do not meet your needs, please contact us. We also offer many other plastic fence products.

If you find a better price on our fence products elsewhere, please contact us. We can usually sell the fence at a lower price. Having warehouses on both the West and East coasts allows us to keep our shipping costs low.

Welcome to FICKLE HILL FENCE & SUPPLY. Thank you for visiting our web site.